Minerals and Waste Planning

  • Mineral Products Association:  I provide advocacy on behalf of the minerals industry through representations on all minerals plans in the south of England including at Examination.  I contribute to development and advocacy of national minerals planning policy including influencing the NPPF, PPG and their implementation, and preparation of policy guidance in association with partners including POS and RSPB

  • Private developers:  I undertake site appraisals and preparation of planning applications and supporting evidence for waste management facilities, including materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and in-vessel composting plants.  I am currently preparing planning applications for a concrete batching plant on behalf of a minerals company.  This includes preparation of supporting evidence, project management of technical specialists, liaison with planning authorities and submission of planning applications.


  • Building Research Establishment:  I undertook a sustainability appraisal and set out the merits of the proposed housing development site in terms of performance against sustainability criteria as an expert witness in a successful appeal.

  • Holiday park developer:  I prepared sustainability and energy chapters for the environmental statement accompanying an application for a holiday park in the Green Belt.

Climate change and energy

  • Surrey County Council/Climate Change Partnership:  As part of a consortium with Thameswey I undertook an assessment of opportunities for district heating across Surrey through assessment of existing and potential demand and supply.

  • Hampshire Climate Change Partnership:  As part of a consortium with SDL I undertook analysis of options and presentation of the business case for energy efficiency and renewable energy.


  • MPA:  Preparation and implementation of the MPA’s biodiversity strategy, including collation of habitat creation data, assessment of potential, and advocacy with stakeholders including through ‘exchange’ event, the Natural England Terrestrial Biodiversity Group and the MPA Quarries and Nature Awards.

  • Defra:  As part of a consortium with CEP I undertook the appraisal of biodiversity offsetting pilots, in particular analysis of blocks to and opportunities for implementation including through planning policy and decisions.